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An extremely innovative and exciting company dealing with head and neck healthcare and the future of technology, from medicine to dentistry, sensors to testing, patient to clinician, CEPHTACTICS CYBERNETICS is an innovation unto itself. An amalgamation between fields. This London based company has been conceived from ideas from different sciences in head and neck medicine as well as the most exciting advances from the worlds Silicon Valleys. Our team is unique and our interests are diverse and deep and involve fields in robotics, technology, data analytics, imaging, sensors, research development and testing. Of course, being part of the Cephtactics Family of Companies.


At Cephtactics Cybernetics we currently are looking at different fields of technology including some of the most innovative and cutting edge.

The ideas and collaborations help us drive forwards. Some of which are important in advancing fields of medicine and dentistry.

Some assist in diagnosis, some in treatment planning or execution.

Of course, some of our current active projects are highly secretive.


Our Active Projects


So how do we assist the clinicians? 


The Cephtactics Age Assessment Program is one which looks at an easy and straightforwards method of detecting the age of patients with the help of one x ray.

Meanwhile another very helpful software is the Cephtactics Treatment Planning Software  and the Alignment Software which looks at how Deep Learning can assist clinicians in Dentistry.


Software Development




The understanding is that products have to become smart, this means from all facets of healthcare. The data acquisiton from previously stagnant medical devices needs be developed further.

From the basic stethoscope, to the intra-oral mirror, from the ear to the eye, the thyroid to the brain. There are more developments needed, many more planned.

The patented devices at our firm develop and evolve regularly.


Currently we are running a one of a kind facility in testing different intra-oral devices, in the specific phsyical attributes, accuracy, biological efficacy, biocompatibility and biostatic nature.

The future of the world is the ability of developing devices which counter the known and unknown pathogens which may cause pandemics.

We expect that some of the devices will enhance the future of the technological development. Some which may encourage further innovation.

Our unique testing facilities and equipment would be apt to devloping training for future clinicians and technicians in the future of world healthcare.

Only through testing, will we be able to control the future.



Our research and development teams look at many exciting fields in the healthcare arena. Some projects that we look at are the following.

Full Spectrum Vision - looking at how understanding the electromagnetic with respect to head and neck healthcare.

Generally, electromagnetic radiation is classified by wavelength into radio wavemicrowaveinfraredvisible lightultravioletX-rays and gamma rays. The behavior of EM radiation depends on its wavelength. 

How can we develop further understanding how UV, IR and Microwaves can assist us in Medicine and Dentistry?

Non Ionising Radiation Imaging - Following up from the above, the future of understanding images of the body will lie in this field.

How can we bring different and less impacting imaging techniques into the field of healthcare?

Medical Blockchain - This technology is somewhat inevitable. We expect that this would become the norm, and our levels of understanding are developing fast. We intend to be the forefront of this field in the UK.

Computer Vision - Understanding the benefits in this field include the use in diagnosis, treatment planning as well as during surgeries and procedures.

The benefits of computer vision will be harnessed in almost all forms of head and neck healthcare.

Sensor Technology - We expect that smart sensors will become part of the body in the future. The future will run on real time healthcare data. When is the next heart attack, the next stroke, the next dental caries?



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Cephtactics - Cybernetics is a Limited Company based in the United Kingdom. This e-mail is considered confidential. Any privileged information is solely intended for the attention and use of the named addressee(s). If the intended recipient, or a person responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient is not available, we will inform you accordingly. We are not responsible for the integrity of e-mails after they have left our sphere of control.

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In our very own way, we look at how neural networks help us in modern day medical and dental practics. In every decision that is made in treatment planning, succinct and precise planning has begun to be more of a requirement than an advisory.


We expect that the future of healthcare will be more collaborative and more engaging, it will also become more efficient and precise. The requirements will be needed in all forms of healthcare and with the development of data analytics and neural programming, more and more devices will be needed.

We anticipate this, we can plan for this, we are this.

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